What is the UndergroundLab?

UndergroundLab is a co-working space in which social entrepreneurs invest in their companies, their communities and offer internships to students who have been involved with the system of mass incarceration through a partnership with Irene Morgan Schools.

How does it work?

Great question! Social entrepreneurs apply to use our space and to take on an intern from our school that serve the needs of children who have been involved in the criminal justice system. During the interview process we talk about what the company is looking for in an internship and talk more about how are program is structured. Once accepted we build a solution and plan for all of our members everything from one desk to an office suite is available. All entrepreneurs have access to our conference room, coffee shop,

What benefit does it provide to social entrepreneurs?

Another good one! Our entrepreneurs get to do two important things (1) a like minded community of entrepreneurs for social good (2) an intern at no cost to the company (3) a low cost office / workspace solution (4) coordinated marketing and advertising with our school, so companies can show investors their positive social impact, and (5) a real opportunity to make change in a young person’s life.

Tell me about UndergroundLab as an actual workspace, is it Underground?

Our workspaces are a mix of Southern charm and Scandinavian efficiency. They are not Underground, though admittedly, a lair would be cool. Our space has everything your startup needs; space (individual desks, a team workspace or a group of offices), wifi, printing, an in house coffee shop, social events and a community of thriving social entrepreneurs. We’re also more than happy to be your mailing address.

What’s the deal with the internships?

Our students are amazing. Most of them have been caught up in the system for things you and I have also done (like talking back to a teacher or being at the wrong place at the wrong time). They are creative wonders and we are confident they will be incredible interns. We’ve hired our students as our interns and have been thrilled with their work. Some people, though not our entrepreneurs think it’s wild to work with kids who have been incarcerated. We know that most children are locked up for non violent, low level crimes. In addition Irene Morgan students some of the most amazing, creative and hard working young people out there - we know because they chose to work hard and chose to become a part of the Irene Morgan Schools community . In addition, all student interns receive support from Irene Morgan Schools and coaching about basic intern skills. They work for and with our entrepreneurs when our team knows they are ready.

How do I learn more about rates and sign up for an interview?

Fill out our interest form and you’ll here from one of team members within a week!

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