Our 4 Tenets 

We're guided in all things we do by centering the needs of our students and their families and these 4 tenets 


We need to envision and then live oppression free lives. 

White supremacy has, for so long, separated us from forming real, powerful and true community. Following the model of many, from Harriet Tubman to The Black Panthers to #HUResist, we aim to both envision what our lives would look like uncolonized, un-oppressed and then aim to live that way. 

We are our own best asset. We don't just provide what our students need; we harness their individual and collective strengths and talents. 


We need to use creative methods to organize and strengthen ourselves as individuals and as communities.

There isn't one answer for each child - there are multiple pathways they can take to live full, satisfying, safe lives. Our goal is to always ensure our students and their families know that there are a multitude of paths to learning, to college and to career. We help students blaze the path they choose in partnership with their community. We are always stronger together. We collaborate, we listen, we restore, we bring the whole team with us wherever we go. 




We need to end racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and poverty.

We need freedom from all the systems that bring us and those in our communities down. We seek to build schools that are living proof that we can push back against these systems in how we treat young people and how they treat each other. 

We need to write our own stories.

Our children and young people are not defined by the labels the "justice" and other systems have placed upon them. Everyday is another chance to have an awesome day in school and redefine yourself.

We support the needs and highlight the talents of our students 


Our Goal is to make sure each and every day of school is the very best day our students have ever had. Here's how:

  • Each day starts with art (be it sculpture, music production, dance, film or digital art).
  • Every student has an individualized learning plan, tailored to their goals and talents. Student use technological tools to track and monitor their own learning.
  • All of our students are welcome everyday.  We don't suspend or expel students.  We help them restore themselves and others and collaboratively solve problems.
  • Students get therapeutic services everyday, sometimes in groups, sometimes individually.
  • Students learn entrepreneurial skills and leadership by managing and working in our coffee shop.
  • When students master a skill, they turn around and help another student master it. Students learn from and teach each other.
  • We serve three healthy meals a day.
  • Our leadership includes students and families.  A seat on the board is saved for a student and a caregiver to a student.
  • Students give teachers feedback every week.
  • Our curriculum centers on the extraordinary resilience and accomplishments of Black people, Brown people, immigrants and gender non-conforming people. 
  • We love our children relentlessly, and we make sure they know it ever day.
  • We open and close each day with a community circle.